Studio Classes

Founded by myself, Nicky Webb, Flexi Soul Yoga has been running yoga classes in Crickhowell since 2017.

This is Crickhowell’s first designated yoga studio, which offers a range of different yoga classes from Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Beginners Yoga,

Pregnancy yoga (ante-natal classes), post – natal yoga and Hot yoga

(heated to 28 degrees).

We also have an Online Studio for those wishing to develop a home practice. Clients can subscribe and access a full suite of videos as well as benefit from discounted studio classes.

We have a team of exceptional and experienced teachers who will greet you each week with a smile and an acceptance of where you are today; we will help you walk away feeling supported and uplifted!

In the studio

We offer a wide range of Yoga classes suited to individuals of all abilities.

Gentle Yoga

This class focuses on building strength and flexibility through movement and flow. This class is for those wanting a slower paced class yet still want a challenge!

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa, a popular contemporary style that emphasises ‘flow’. A typical class combines Pranayama (breath work), core strength and conditioning, Surya Namaska (sun salutations), flow and relaxation.

Yin Class

A slow, meditative class, that gently stretches the deeper muscles, joints and fascia in your body and helps quieten the mind.Holding poses for anywhere between 3 and 5 minutes, softening the muscles and stilling the mind to create a sense of calm and grounding.

Beginners Yoga

This is a 6 week course where you will be guided through the fundamentals of Yoga, including breath work and asana (poses).

Time Table

In our studio we have a relaxing atmosphere to make the most of your time with us.


Gentle Flow with Nicky

Vinyasa Flow with Nicky


Vinyasa Flow with Nicky

Hatha yoga with Carolyne


Beginners Yoga course with Hannah

Vinyasa Flow with Nicky


Gentle Flow with Nicky

Vinyasa Yoga with Nicky

Vinyasa Flow with Nicky


Yin Yoga with Eleanor


Warm Vinyasa Yoga with Nicky